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Expert Witness : Kurt Bertschinger Dr.

Case Carolyn r. Patterson v. Elyria Memorial Hospital
Testimony Date October 07, 1988
Expert Type Psychiatry
Court State: Ohio County: Lorain
Pages 64
Cost $150.00


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               STATE OF OHIO,
      a,       COUNTY OF LORAIN.

      LQ                   I@l TliE COUR@ OF CO@IIIONT PI,PAS

               Carolyn r. Patterson,
      (i       Extrx., et al.,


                     v s .                          No. 97648

               Elyria !Iemorial ITospital,
               et al.


                     Deposition of KURT A. BERTS   'IT INGEP,, 'I.D., a

               witness, taken as if under exa-nination before

               Angelika P. Veres, a Notary Public within and for

               the State of Ohio, at the offices of Simon

               Bertschinger, 35550 Curtis Boulevard, TIilloughby,

               Ohio, at 2:1.0 p.m., Friclay, th@e 7th day of October,

               1988, pursuant to s-.ipulations of counsel, on behalLI

               of the Defendant Elyria rlemorial Ilospital.

                      ROBERT J. RUA & ASSOCIATES
                                    Court Reporters
                   i 150 THE ILLUMINATING BUILDING - CLEVELAND, OHIO 44113


           2   APPEARANCES:

                     Weisman, Goldberg, Weisman & Kaufman, by
           4         Mr. Howard D. Mishkind,

           5                on behalf of the Plaintiffs;

                     Kitchen, Messner & Deery, by
           7         Ms. Janet D. Tomko,

           8                on behalf of the Defendant
                            Elyria Memorial HoSpital;

         10          Reminger & Reminger, by
                     Mr. Frank Aveni,
                            on behalf of the Defendant
         12                 Mental Health Management, Inc.


         15                  S T I P U L A T I 0 N S
         16                 It was stipulated by and between counsel
         17    for Plaintiffs and Defendants that this deposition ma)
         18    be taken in stenotypy by Angelika P. lieres, that said
         19    r-tenotype notes may be subsequently transcribed into
         20    typewriting in the absence of the witness; that the
         21    reading and signing of the deposition by the witne