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Expert Witness : John Burke Ph.D.

Case Sandra Gay v. Bridgestone Firestone
Testimony Date January 23, 2004
Expert Type Economic Consulting
Court State: Ohio County: Cuyahoga
Pages 97
Cost $150.00


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               State of Ohio,       )                                
               County of Cuyahoga.  )   SS:                          
                            IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS             
               SAUNDRA GAY, et al.,          )                       
                               Plaintiffs,   )                       
                vs.                          ) Case No. 440162       
               BRIDGESTONE FIRESTONE INC.,   )                       
               et al.,                       )                              
                               Defendants.   )                       
                                     - - - - -                       
                    THE DEPOSITION OF JOHN F. BURKE, JR., Ph.D.      
                             FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 2004                
                                     - - - - -                       
                     The deposition of JOHN F. BURKE, JR., Ph.D.,    

               called by the Defendants for examination pursuant     

               to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, taken        

               before me, the undersigned, Charles A. Cady,          

               Registered Merit Reporter and Notary Public within    

               and for the State of Ohio, taken at the offices of    

               Thompson Hine, LLP, 3900 Key Center, Cleveland,       

               Ohio, commencing at 11:55 a.m., the day and date      

               above set forth.