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Expert Witness : Frank Marlowe M.D.

Case Haywood v. Lyons, M.D., et al
Testimony Date March 09, 2004
Expert Type Otolaryngology (Ear Nose Throat)
Court State: Pennsylvania County: Philadelphia
Pages 39
Cost $150.00


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                                     IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS

                               FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA

                                         CIVIL TRIAL DIVISION

                                              -   -   -

                     TAMARAH L. HAYWOOD AND       : JANUARY TERM, 2002
                     GEORGE HAYWOOD               :
                                 VS.              :
                     KAREN M. LYONS, M.D., NOAM A.:
                     COHEN, M.D., JOHN FEEHERY,   :
                     M.D., AND TENET HEALTH       :
                     SYSTEMS, GRADUATE, L.L.C.,   :
                     A.K.A. GRADUATE HOSPITAL     :  NO. 1405

                                              -   -   -

                                   TESTIMONY OF FRANK MARLOWE, M.D.

                                            MARCH 9, 2004
                                       COURTROOM 650, CITY HALL
                                      PHILADEPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA

                                              -   -   -

                     BEFORE:  HONORABLE SHELDON C. JELIN
                                              AND A JURY


                                  JOSEPH CHAIKEN, ESQUIRE
                                  COUNSEL FOR THE PLAINTIFF

                                  SILVERMAN, BERNHEIM & VOGEL
                                  BY:  JOHN PUMPHREY, ESQUIRE
                                  COUNSEL FOR THE DEFENDANT
                                  DR. KAREN LYONS

                                  POST & SCHELL, P.C.
                                  BY:  SHARON REISS, ESQUIRE
                                  COUNSEL FOR DEFENDANT
                                  DR. NOAM COHEN

                                  GEORGE D'ANGELIS, R.P.R.
                                  OFFICIAL COURT REPORTER
                                  COURT OF COMMON PLEAS

                                              _ _ _ _ _

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