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Expert Witness : Robert Sadoff MD

Case Charles V. Smith v. United States of America, Dept. of Vetrans Affairs
Testimony Date May 18, 1994
Expert Type Forensic Behavioral Sciences
Court Federal District Court, Northern District of Ohio
Pages 104
Cost $150.00


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                            IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT
                             FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF OHIO
                                     EASTERN DIVISION

                  CHARLES SMITH,                       :CASE NO. 1:92CV0507



                  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,


                            DEPOSITION OF ROBERT L. SADOFF, M.D.
                                     Taken in the offices of Robert L.
                  Sadoff, M.D., Suite 326, The Benjamin Fox Pavilion,
                  Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, May 18, 1994,
                  commencing at 1:10 p.m., before Stacy S. Kercher, RMR,
                  Registered Professional Reporter.

                               WEISMAN, GOLDBERG & WEISMAN CO., L.P.A.
                               By:  FRED WEISMAN, ESQ.
                               1600 Midland Building
                               Landmark office Towers
                               Cleveland, Ohio  44115
                                   For Plaintiff

                                     SLIFER, VOICE & SHADE
                          1228 Walnut Street       679 Walnut Street
                          Allentown, PA  18102     Easton, PA  18042
                          (215) 434-8588           (215) 250-0383

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