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Expert Witness : Dennis Dolgan MD

Case Adeline Whipple V. Lake County Hospital Systems, Inc
Testimony Date April 08, 1991
Expert Type Emergency Medicine / Trauma
Court State: Ohio County: Lake
Pages 87
Cost $150.00


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RE: Adeline Whipple vs.  Lake County Hospital Systems, Inc., et al.
Taken on April 8, 1991

Page Line Description

4 6 Co-director of Lake Emergency Services since 1986.

4 13 Lake Emergency Services provides ER care at Lake County
Hospitals East and West.

5 8 Attended Northeastern Ohio University, College of Medicine,
1979 through 1983.

5 13 Akron City Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program,
1983 to 1986.

6 5 Board certified in 1987.

7 1 He does no teaching and has written one article on third
trimester bleeding.

12 21 All doctors have independent contractors and there are 10

14 5 Unt i 1 7: 00 p. m. , Dr. Dolgan was the only ER doctor- -Dr.  Cua
came on at 7:00 p.m,

14 16 Dr. Dolgan's shift ended at 7:00 p.m. and it had been a 12
hour shift.

15 22 Dr. Dolgan claims that he absolutely remembers going to
work on January 30th, he remembers going to work at
7:00 a.m. on that particular day.

16 22 The ER was busy at 6:30 p.m.

17 6 There are two trauma rooms--trauma rooms are used for more
serious patients.

17 25 Trauma rooms have monitors, medication, IV lines and
specialized equipment for acute emergencies.

18 12 Dr. Dolgan remembers both trauma rooms being used before
6:30 at 3:00 p.m.

19 2 Dr. Dolgan also claims to remember moving one of the
patients out of the trauma room to make the room available
for Mr. Whipple.

19 17 Dr. Dolgan claims that he remembers asking someone to
remove a patient from a trauma room to make room for Mr.
Whipple but he does not remember who the patient was or
what the patient's condition was.

20 20 Mr. Whipple was put into Trauma Room T-1.

21 4 The general bed area has six beds in it.

21 10 He does not remember the name of the patient or the
condition of that patient that he was treating before Mr.
Whipple arrived.

21 21 Dr.  Dolgan claims that Mr. Whipple had not even gotten into
a bed Yet and was being wheeled from the front desk to the
general area and a nurse asked him to see him.

22 2 He claims that Mrs. Whipple was with Mr. Whipple as they
were wheeling him back to a bed and as the nurse asked him
to see Mr. Whipple.

22 21 He knows Dr. Frank Sailors but doesn't have  any
recollection of seeing any of his patients on that day  and
does not remember talking to him on the phone in the ER
concerning a patient of his on that date.

25 18 Dr. Dolgan talked to Dr. Attasi on the phone after the
attempted nasal intubation.

26 2 He admits that