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Expert Witness : John Little MD

Case Keith Jones v. Ben D. Ortega MD
Testimony Date February 20, 1987
Expert Type Neurology
Court State: Ohio County: Cuyahoga
Pages 57
Cost $150.00


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                               MORBE.     GANTVERG     &      HOOGE

                                   UMOPTTMNO AMC MTEPJOTYPE REPONTEIR8

                                              750 LEAOER  BUILOING                                     DEPOSITIONS
     WILLIAM L. MORSE                           CLEVELANO.  OHIO 44114                         COURT     REFERENCES
                                                                                                PATENT    HEARINGS
     SIONEY GANTVERG                               PHONE 771-3350                                        MEETINr.8

     RALF-H L. HC)OGE                                                                                     ....

                                                          March 28, 1987

               rred tleisman, FscT.
               Weisman, Goldbercj, !,Yeisman & Kaufman
               540 Leader Buildincr
               Cleveland, Ohio  44114

                           re!  T@eith E. Jones vs.
                                   Ben 0. Orteqa, NI.D., et al

               Dear Mr. Weisman:

                       Dr. John Little has read thd transcrimt of
               his denosition and has noted some corrections.
               I am enclosinq a codv of his  correction  naae
               alona with the          corrected transcrint naaes.

                       If I do not hear from vou on the contrary,
               I will insert these naaes into all  conies  of
               the transcript.

                       If you would like this transcrint  4-iled
               with the court, olease contact mv office.


                                                         Richard G. DelMonico

               Robert Maynard, Esq;

                                                          LA\X'YER'S NOTES
                   Page    Line
                   le                             c@if Lle            @l, c        @c ct .1    Ir, C,7

                   /0                S'L'- e -7       C'e                e?    cf
                   I                             ct"r      .0 o@          Afe"@anf@"q