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Expert Witness : Robert Hoffman II, MD, Ph.D.

Case Beth Sell vs. Gregory Boone, MD, et al.
Testimony Date July 18, 2001
Expert Type Anatomic Pathologist
Court State: Ohio County: Franklin
Pages 149
Cost $150.00


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                            IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS

                              OF FRANKLIN COUNTY, OHIO

                 BETH SELL, Administrator of

                 the Estate of Steven C. Sell,


                       vs.                         Case No.

                 GREGORY BOONE, M.D., et al.,      99CVA-05-3780


                                  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             Deposition of ROBERT DICKSON HOFFMAN,

                 II, M.D., Ph.D., called for examination under the

                 statute, taken before me, Denise M. Munguia, a

                 Registered Merit Reporter and Notary Public in

                 and for the State of Ohio, pursuant to notice and

                 stipulations of counsel, at University Hospitals

                 of Cleveland, 11100 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland,

                 Ohio, on Wednesday, July 18, 2001, at 9:29

                 o'clock a.m.

                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                       On behalf of the Plaintiff:

                             Jeffrey L. Maloon, LLC, by

                             JEFFREY L. MALOON, ESQ.

                             175 South Third Street

                             Columbus, Ohio  43215

                             (614) 564-2602

                       On behalf of the Defendants

                       Gregory Boone, M.D. and

                       Metropolitan Surgery, Inc.:

                             Reminger & Reminger, by

                             JAMES J. BRUDNY, JR., ESQ.

                             Courthouse Square

                             505 South High Street

                             Columbus, Ohio  43215

                             (614) 461-1311

            1          On behalf of the Defendants Mount Carmel

            2          Health System and John J. Thomas, M.D.:

            3                Earl, Warburton, Adams & Davis, by

            4                CHRISTOPHER R. WALSH, ESQ.

            5                136 West Mound Street

            6                Col