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Expert Witness : Nathan Levitan MD

Case Paul Kaszian, et al. vs. Kunal Mitra, MD
Testimony Date August 27, 2002
Expert Type Oncology (Cancer)
Court State: Ohio County: Medina
Pages 87
Cost $150.00


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                            IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS

                               OF MEDINA COUNTY, OHIO

                 PAUL KASZIAN, et al.,

                             Plaintiffs,              Case Number

                       v.                             01-CIV-0807

                 KUNAL MITRA, M.D.,


                             Deposition of NATHAN LEVITAN, M.D.,

                 called for examination under the statute, taken

                 before me, Jaci R. Traver, RPR, CRR, and Notary

                 Public in and for the State of Ohio, at the

                 offices of Hermann, Cahn & Schneider, 500

                 Erieview Tower, 1301 East Ninth Street,

                 Cleveland, Ohio, on Tuesday, the 27th day of

                 August 2002 at 6:15 p.m.



                       On behalf of the Plaintiffs:

                             Hermann, Cahn & Schneider, by

                             KERRY S. VOLSKY, ESQ.

                             500 Erieview  Tower

                             1301 East Ninth Street

                             Cleveland, Ohio  44114

                             (216) 781-5515

                       On behalf of the Defendant:

                             Sutter, O'Connell, Mannion &

                             Farchione, by

                             JOSEPH A. FARCHIONE, JR., ESQ.

                             3600 Erieview Tower

                             1301 East Ninth Street

                             Cleveland, Ohio  44114

                             (216) 928-2200

                                     - - - - -

            1                NATHAN LEVITAN, M.D., of lawful

            2    age, called for examination, as provided by the

            3    statute, being first duly sworn, as hereinafter

            4    certified, said as follows:

            5          EXAMINATION OF NATHAN LEVITAN, M.D.

            6    BY MR. VOLSKY:

            7          Q.    Would you state your name for the

            8    record, please.