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Expert Witness : Raymond Redline MD

Case Shanay Jones, et al. vs. Howard University Hospital, et al.
Testimony Date April 18, 2002
Expert Type Pathology
Court State: District of Columbia County: District of Columbia
Pages 42
Cost $150.00


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                               IN THE SUPERIOR COURT

                               DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

                 SHANAY JONES, et al.,

                             Plaintiffs,              Case No.

                      V.                              CV438279


                 et al.,


                             Deposition of RAYMOND W. REDLINE,

                 M.D., called for examination under the statute,

                 taken before me, Renee L. Pellegrino, Registered

                 Professional Reporter in and for the State of

                 Ohio, by agreement of counsel, at the University

                 Hospitals Institute of Pathology, 2085 Adelbert

                 Road, Cleveland, Ohio, on Thursday, April 18,

                 2002, at 5:30 p.m.

                                     - - - - -


                       On behalf of the Plaintiffs:

                             Janet, Willoughby, Gershon, Getz

                             & Jenner, by

                             ROBIN R. SMITH, ESQ.

                             Woodholme Center

                             1829 Reisterstown Road

                             Suite 320

                             Baltimore, Maryland  21208

                             (410) 653-3200

                       On behalf of the Defendants:

                             Hamilton, Altman, Canale & Dillon,


                             G. BRANCH TAYLOR, ESQ.

                             4600 East-West Highway

                             Suite 201

                             Bethesda, Maryland  20814

                             (301) 652-7332

                                     - - - - -

            1                RAYMOND W. REDLINE, M.D., of lawful

            2    age, called for examination, provided by the

            3    statute, being first duly sworn, as hereinafter

            4    certified, said as follows:

            5        EXAMINATION OF RAYMOND W. REDLINE, M.D.

            6    BY MR. TAYLOR: