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Expert Witness : L.C. Rao MD

Case Joseph C. Davis vs. Administrator, Bureau of Compensation, et al.
Testimony Date March 01, 2002
Expert Type Pulmonary
Court State: Ohio County: Cuyahoga
Pages 105
Cost $150.00


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                           IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS

                             OF CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OHIO

                 JOSEPH C. DAVIS,


                       vs.                           Case No.

                 ADMINISTRATOR, BUREAU OF             418029

                 COMPENSATION, et al,


                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                             Videotape deposition of L.C. RAO,

                 M.D., called for examination under the statute,

                 taken before me, Michelle A. Bishilany, RDR/CRR

                 and Notary Public in and for the State of Ohio,

                 pursuant to notice and stipulations of counsel,

                 at the offices of L.C. Rao, M.D., 7255 Old Oak

                 Boulevard, Middleburg Heights, Ohio, on Friday,

                 March 1, 2002, at 10:22 a.m.

                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


                       On behalf of the Plaintiff:

                             Kelley & Ferraro, by

                             COREY W. FROST, ESQ.

                             SHAWN M. ACTON, ESQ.

                             1901 Penton Media Building

                             1300 East Ninth Street

                             Cleveland, OH  44114

                             (216) 575-0777

                       On behalf of the Defendant:

                             Ohio Attorney General's Office, by

                             TIMOTHY X. McGRAIL, ESQ.

                             11th Floor

                             615 West Superior Avenue

                             Cleveland, OH  44113

                             (216) 787-3287

                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                 ALSO PRESENT:

                             Billy Gazley

                             David G. Lightman, Videographer

                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

            1          L.C. RAO, M.D., of lawful age, called for

            2    examination, as provided by the Ohio Rules of

            3    Civil Proce