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Expert Witness : Donald Mann MD

Case Howard Lee Snyder, et al. vs. Sohaila Ali, MD, et al.
Testimony Date September 07, 2000
Expert Type Neurology
Court State: Maryland County: Baltimore City
Pages 162
Cost $150.00


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                              IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR

                              BALTIMORE CITY, MARYLAND

                 HOWARD LEE SNYDER, et al.


                        vs.                  Case No.


                 SOHAILA ALI, M.D., et al.,


                       Video conference deposition of DONALD MANN,

                 M.D., called for examination under the statute,

                 taken before me, Jill A. Kulewsky, a Notary

                 Public in and for the State of Ohio, pursuant to

                 notice and stipulations of counsel, at ********

                 Reporting Services, Erieview Tower, 25th Floor,

                 Cleveland, Ohio, on Thursday, September 7, 2000,

                 at 2:30 p.m.

                                     - - - - -


                       On behalf of the Plaintiffs:

                             Janet, Willoughby & Gershon, by:

                             HOWARD JANET, ESQ.

                             RANDAL GETZ, ESQ.

                             8 Reservoir Circle, Suite 200

                             Baltimore, MD  21208

                             (410) 653-3200

                       On behalf of the Defendants Ali,

                       Juanteguy and Rechthan:

                             Anderson, Coe & King, by:

                             DALE ATKINS, ESQ.

                             201 N. Charles Street

                             Baltimore, MD   21201-4104

                             (410) 752-1630

                       On behalf of the Defendants Zonies,

                       Oroszlan and Atlantic Medical Group:

                             Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Gray, by:

                             CRAIG B. MERKLE, ESQ.

                             1 South Street, 20th Floor

                             Baltimore, MD  21202

                             (410) 783-4000

            1    APPEARANCES, Continued:


            3          On behalf of the Defendant Health Care