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Expert Witness : R. BEN DAWSON M.D.

Testimony Date November 17, 1981
Expert Type Hematology (Blood)
Court State: Ohio County: Cuyahoga
Pages 55
Cost $150.00


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       The State of Ohio
       County of Cuyahoga.      SS:

                     IN THE  COURT OF COMMON PLEAS

       Edith Miller, Executrix
       of the Estate of Edward L.
       Killer, Deceased,


            Vs.                            Came No. 966,735

       University Hospitals, at al.,


           Deposition of R. Ben Dawson, N.D., called by
       Defendant University Hospitals for the purpose of crons-
       examination, before Judith A. Broquet, a Notary Public
       within and for the State of Ohio, at the American Airlinei
       Admirals' Club, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport,
       Cleveland, Ohio, at ls3O p.m., Tuesday, November 17, 1981,
       pursuant to agreement of counsel.


               Mr.  Jed Weisman,

                             For the Plaintiffi

               Arter & Haddon, by
               Mr.  Harry T. Quick,

                             For the Defendant University

               Gallagher, Sharpe Fulton, Norman a Mollison, by
               Mr.  James Gowan,

                             For Defendant Puritan-Bennett

                        REILENDER, FERRIS& SKOMSKI
                              COURT REPORTERS
                    1001 EUCLID AVE.. SUITE 402 - CLEVELAND, OHIO 441 15
                                 241 4 3 0 3

        I                  R. BEN DAWSON, M.D., of lawful age,        2

        2        a witness herein, called by Defendant University

        3        Hospitals for the purpose of cross-examination,

        4        as provided by the Ohio Rules of Civil

        15       Procedure, being by me first duly sworn, as

        6        hereinafter certified, deposed and said as

        7        follows:


        9               EXAMINATION OF R. BEN DAWSON, M.D.

        10   BY MR.  QUICK:

        11   Q   Doctor, I'm going to be askinq you some

        12       questions about this case of Miller versus

        13       University Hospitals, and if at any time I ask

        14       you a question and you do not understand the

        15       question, please don't answer it.  Just indicate

        16       that you don't understand the question, and I

        17       will try to rephrase it.  A