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Frequently Asked Questions

CrossExam.com is an extensive, national database consisting exclusively of deposition and trial testimony from expert witnesses. Legal professionals seeking information about how particular experts have testified in the past, or who wish to learn more about how to depose experts generally, purchase testimony from CrossExam.com.
National Association of Court Reporters adopted a policy on this very subject in 2007 and reaffirmed it in 2011. In its Policy Statement on Transcript Repositories (services like CrossExam.com), the NCRA said that it's OK for a court reporter to list Transcripts for sale to folks other than the parties to the original lawsuit, as long as the reporter and the website follow these rules:

i. Private and confidential information (as identified by current federal guidelines) has been redacted from the transcript.
ii. Only those transcripts that have been made part of the public record, either through filing with a court or through the permission of the parties and the deponents, are posted online.
iii. Listing the transcript on the website doesn't violate any local rules or regulations governing distribution of Transcripts.

The CrossExam.com staff makes sure that each Transcript you upload complies with these policies before it's listed on the website.
Visitors to CrossExam.com upload expert witness deposition or trial transcripts to the site. Once a transcript is uploaded, it is reviewed by our staff to ensure its suitability. If approved, the visitor who uploaded the transcript has the option to receive either a research credit to download an equivalent transcript from the site, or a per page commission based on future sales of the transcript. Registration is not required if you simply wish to purchase a transcript from the site.
Text files are preferred, since those formats most readily permit word searches by our visitors. These would include word processing formats (e.g., Word, Word Perfect, etc.) as well as files with .TXT, .ASCII, .DOC, .DOCX, .RFF, .WPD. If you have questions about particular file formats, you can contact us here: http://www.crossexam.com/http://www.crossexam.com/help.html
If you have PDF files, you should contact us here: http://www.crossexam.com/http://www.crossexam.com/help.html, for review, conversion and uploading.
Once you Register on the site, you will be admitted to the Members Area, where there are easy-to-follow tutorial on How to Upload Transcripts.
When you upload your transcript, you can chose to; (1) have CrossExam resell that transcript (in which case you will receive a commission on each sale), (2) trade that transcript for another transcript on CrossExam.com (in which case you will be issued a transcript purchase credit, but will not receive commissions on future sales), or (3) store the transcript on our site for your future reference and retrieval (once you login as a registered member).