Tailor-Made Search for the Right Expert

There is no shortage of commercial services that offer to locate the “right” expert for your case. While these types of services (which typically charge a fee to either you or your expert) can be a valuable resource, you should consider other ways to locate the right expert for your case. Consider these options the next time you need to find an expert:

* Reported Cases – often this can lead to an expert with the most relevant experience for your particular case

* Experts Presenting at Seminars – this is a great way to “audition” your potential expert, since you can see how your expert may “perform,” and you can also ask questions

* Review Prior Testimony on CrossExam.com – reading a potential expert’s prior testimony in similar cases is critical

While all of these methods require a little more work on your part, they can help you end up with the right expert for your case.

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