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What Is Crossexam.com?

CrossExam.com was created by legal professionals as a resource for court reporters who wish to expand their markets, for lawyers who want to learn how specific expert witnesses have testified in prior cases, and for lawyers and other legal professionals seeking to educate themselves about particular areas of the law.

As the only publicly available database of its type on the Internet, CrossExam.com welcomes submissions from court reporters and other legal professionals. The database contains testimony from federal and state cases throughout the United States.

Visitors to CrossExam.com upload expert witness deposition or trial transcripts to the site. Once a transcript is uploaded, it is reviewed by our staff to ensure its suitability. If approved, the visitor who uploaded the transcript receives a per page commission on each sale of the transcript.

CrossExam.com is a fully text searchable database that allows visitors to search by expert name, subject matter, date of testimony and many more criteria.